Friday, July 22, 2005

BBC writes about blogging - I SPY a Submarine

The BBC has an article today titled "Digital Citizens: Your creativity" with a short run of examples of blogs by English citizens. One caught my eye STEVE GOES TRAVELLING with an entry the BBC decided to show about Steve finding a captured North Korean Submarine.

And I thought that Bubblehead at The Stupid Shall Be Punished and Eric at The Sub Report got all the submarine news scoops! Perhaps going to "Gangneung for what seemed to be a never ending quest for a beer" as Steve did, is the way to go.


Vigilis said...

Submarines...Always Silent & Strange: more on that story:
Sept. 29, 1996
S. Korea: Sub was on preliminary spy mission SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- The North Korean submarine found off South Korea's east coast was part of a larger infiltration operation, the South's defense ministry said Sunday.

The sub was spying on roads and military air strips, ministry officials said, rebutting the North's claim that the submarine was on a routine training mission and strayed accidentally into South Korean waters.

Twenty-one North Koreans have been killed or found dead since the submarine was found, and one was captured alive. Four South Korean soldiers were killed hunting for the submarine's crew. North Korea has demanded the return of the sub and its crew.

Lubber's Line said...


Thanks for the details behind the North Korean Sub's history.

The North Koreans are indeed dangerous, with a nationalist and leader worship that boarders on that of the islamofascists as evidenced by what happened to the North Korean Spy Sub's crew.