Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Video file footage of Russian Submarine Force

Ever want to take a sneak peek at a Russian Submarine underway?

How about the inside of an operational sub complete with Russian sailors looking like "What is he doing with a camera" look on their faces?

The Russian website has a catalogue of short (a few seconds) file clips covering the Russian Navy submarines link here. Some footage was filmed from a helicopter and others are interior views of submarine equipment. The films are from independent producers & studios. They are for sale for commercial use on the website, but I found that if you click on the image you can run a short clip with a TVDATA watermark that's not that annoying.
(Warning: links best with Broadband)

Some of my favorites - with suggested titles:

SLBM zero defects? oops back to QA. link here

On the tail of a Typhoon. link here.

Always refer to the chart before wandering around the boat. link here

Rig for visitors, or Someone left the security covers off. link here

I think I see a periscope astern better clear baffles to make sure. link here

I'm thinking the guys at Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) about 20 years ago would have loved to have seen this stuff. Back then, they were commissioning paintings like the one below of Soviet Typhoons.

TYPHOON Replenishing in the Arctic by Edward L. Cooper, 1986
(Source: DIA Military Art Collection The Threat in the 1980's)

One last one: Midrats taste like chicken....meow. link here


Anonymous said...

Notice how many officers and how few raghats were in evidence? That bird might have made it a little higher if they had some decent chiefs.

Vigilis said...

Nice find, Lubber.