Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Bonefish Fire - recommend read

xformed at ChaoticSynapticActivity has an excellent piece on the USS Bonefish (SS582) fire in 1988. Lots of first hand accounts of the rescue efforts by the USS Carr (FFG52).
USS Bonefish (SS582)
(Photo credit: - Courtesy of Paul Perris, CSG-7 retired)

The Bonefish was one of the B-Girls: USS Barbel (SS580), USS Blueback (SS581) and the USS Bonefish (SS582). In 1980 I took a tour on the one of the B-Girls in Norfolk while I was at NAVET C school in Damn Neck, Va. I thought she was a Nuke until the crewmember showing me the boat said otherwise.


Tom said...

In some ways I guess you could say that I was lucky. I was able to tour the BONEFISH after she had returned to Charleston after the fire and the investigation was over. I gained a whole new respect for the damage a fire could do. Besides the fire I was also touched another way, one of the three who died was a friend and former shipmate. Robert (Bob) Bordelon was on the SUNFISH with me and at one time was my section leader. I found out many years later that Bob wasn't even scheduled to make that sea ride, he volunteered so that another Radioman assigned to Group SIX wouldn't have to go. See Bob was divorced and the other Radioman had a family and Bob volunteered so that the other guy didn't have to be away from his family while assigned to shore duty.

Lubber's Line said...

Tom, many people still do not know the risks and sacrifices that submariners made and continue to make. Thanks for your contribution to the bonefish story and your service. – LL

xformed said...


Put up more info yesterday.

The XO sent me a 12 page report from his eyes, and an FT2 hhad posted his experience a few weeks ago, plus the H-3 aircrewman lives near me and he told his part, too.

Thanks for the link, which regularly send readers my way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was on the Bonefish on sunday april 24, 1988 at 4:00pm Anonymous.