Monday, July 09, 2007

Marines are Mammals?

Interesting news film on the Pentagon Channel today on the Navy's Marine Mammals program.

From an Armed Forces Press release:

"The Pentagon Channel was granted extensive access to these remarkable animals and their trainers, handlers and veterinarians, and afforded rarely seen underwater video of the mammals in action."

Submarines have been known to transport Navy SEALS on occasion could Seal Lions and Dolphins be next?


Anonymous said...

Lubber, would you like to see a copy of the Dolphin's qual cards?

Lubber's Line said...

Anonymous, the Dolphins have qual cards? Interesting. I'm sure it's more task oriented than the systems knowledge that got me my set of dolphins (fish).

I'd be interested in seeing one as long as it's permitted. After all the program was once classified.

After a dolphin gets qualified, do they wear the humans with pride?