Monday, October 17, 2005

Beer and Submarines - odd google finds

Just for the fun of it, I googled Beer and Submarines and came up some choice links below.

Dutch beer commercial for a Walrus -- Video link -- drink up.

Brit sub layout with Food/Beer storage area.

Beer recovered from the S/S Nicomedia a victim of the The Submarine Massacre of 1915 was reproduced in 2000 and sold as "Wreck Beer" by a Swedish brewery.

A beer and a shot is known as "depth charge" at the following watering holes.

The Submarine Cocktail from Mexico.

Cold beer and Nazi subs in Chicago?

Four from the USS Dace (SSN-604) go through 62 gallons of beer, you'll find at the end of a rather long photo description.

Submarine and Luau Combination with open bar!

AND to sober everyone up read the story of Chris Beer age 18 who wanted to be a RAN submariner. Makes you want to think before you drink.

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Vigilis said...

Lubber, the Layout of a Modern Nuclear Submarine was fabulous!