Thursday, October 20, 2005

Submarines of Rhode Island

I have nothing to write in the blog at the moment so I'm going the easy route --- visuals...

Here's a few photos of submarines with some association to my home state, Rhode Island.

USS Rhode Island SSBN 740 (Source: US Navy)

If you've ever been to my home state you'll recognize the bridge behind the sub as the Newport Bridge. The USS Rhode Island, accompanied by the Sloop Providence, is exiting Narragansett Bay and would have passed by the Naval War College before going under the bridge. Photo was probably taken shortly after commissioning in 1994.
Update 10/22/05: Ooops, a second look at the photo above and I realize I got it backwards, they're going up the bay not leaving.

USS Providence SSN 719 (Source: US Navy)

Photo is of the USS Providence SSN 719 named for the capital city of Rhode Island, is the fifth warship in Naval History to bear the name. The Providence is a Flight III boat, the first of the 688's with the Vertical Launch System (VLS) installed. Photo was taken during sea trials somewhere off the Southern New England coast.

Juliett 484 K-77 (Source: Saratoga Museum Foundation)

The Juliett 484 is a 300-foot long, diesel-powered Cold War veteran, moored at Collier Point Park in Providence, Rhode Island. The sub is the centerpiece of The Russian Submarine museum run by the Saratoga Museum Foundation and is open to the public.

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