Friday, January 06, 2006

Unauthorized Absence from Blogosphere

I've turned myself in, been UA from the blog for 17 days.

A Weaponette was checking up on me and I was afraid the Snipes and 'O' Gangers were next. I'm not a "Admin Warfare Specialist" so hopefully I filled out the proper paperwork below and can get back to blog duty soon.

Unauthorized Absence (click on form for a larger version)

The reason for the absence is not that I "float tested" my PC or anything. Just been going through a change of command at work (Corporate Merger) and decommissioning of my office (Layoff). Not to worry though, I was asked to "ship over" to the new command but decided to go TAD (Contracting) instead. I guess there's too many "strikers" left and they need this former NavET to keep her in the channel.

OK, that was my Navy slang attempt to sound like a "Sea lawyer": an argumentative, cantankerous or know-it-all former sailor.

Thanks for checking up on me and I'll be back posting soon. - LL

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Bubblehead said...

I just figured it was a normal Christmas break; welcome back,though...