Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February Photos in RI

A short Coastal Southern Rhode Island photo essay to give my new digital camera a test run.

I found that only working people are on the water at the end of February. Temp was hovering around 30F with a NW wind at 15 knots and a clear blue sky. Made for some clean shots without over indulgent tourists from NY, NJ, Boston and Providence clogging the view in oversexed stinkpots and plastic blow boats. (Click on each photo for larger view)

Trawlers docked in the port of Galilee RI.

Converted this shot to B/W - thought it was a nice effect with the rigging.

Beavertail Light with frozen groundwater coming from the cliff.

Solitary Trawler working inshore.

Tug and Tow off Point Judith RI heading south in Block Island Sound.

Lobster boats in upper Galilee harbor.

The R/V Endeavor docked at the URI Narragansett Bay Campus.

Stern shot of the Research Vessel R/V Endeavor.

Some people love looking at city skylines and others fields of corn but give me a broad blue horizon and a ship designed to work at sea any day.


Alex Nunez said...

Great photos. I love 'em.

2Hotel9 said...

Very nice!! I always prefer seeing working hulls on water. Keep the yachts and 10meter racers and cabin cruisers. A shimper dumping full net or a tug pushing barges upstream on the Tenn-Tom or Lower Allegheney is an excellent scene. As I have told Alex over at noonzwire, you squids got it going on. And I say squid in the most respectful, admiring manner possible.