Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pentagon mulling 'stealth sharks' to patrol the seas

Now this is an odd coincidence I just did a post of U.S. Navy Submarines named "Shark" and then I read this link Pentagon mulling 'stealth sharks' to patrol the seas: New Scientist from The Drudge Report. An excerpt:

"The Pentagon hopes to exploit sharks' natural ability to glide quietly through the water, sense delicate electrical gradients and follow chemical trails," says the report, carried in next Saturday's New Scientist.

"By remotely guiding the sharks' movements they hope to transform the animals into stealth spies, perhaps capable of following vessels without being spotted."

The unusual project is being funded by the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which pioneered the Internet as a platform for robust communications.

In my previous post I made fun of the fish kind of shark, now it appears my biting humor has failed me. As Vigilis at the Molten Eagle blog would say "Submarines are always silent and strange".


Anonymous said...

I told you to get me some frickin sharks with frickin laser beams mounted on their frickin heads! I don't see any frickin laser beams here! Why is this so frickin hard?

Lubber's Line said...

Dr. Evillll, (pinky to corner of mouth) the project cost I estimate would be one.... MILLION.... dollars for the frickin lasers. - LOL

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