Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sub Culture - Contrast as Video

Demonstrators at the Faslane Submarine base in 2005.

5 minutes at outside the Faslane submarine base Scotland.

And somewhere in the North Atlantic on a US Trident Submarine...

45 seconds on the surface in the cold North Atlantic.

Lubber's take:
When we were young our parents protected us from the dangers of the world and gave us the freedom to be idealistic and carefree. Some of us grow up with our adult responsibilities and plot a course to follow. Others drift without a rudder in a sea of popular causes enjoying their own chaotic music.


Steve Schippert said...

Now that's funny. Particluarly the amusing soul painted like a Mime and diong what he probably considers a march while flapping his Mime jib.

You Tubers are an odd lot, living in a can & all. The lesser order of intellect among us prefer to get shot at on the beach, I s'pose. Jarheads. We never were accused of being the sharpest knives in the drawer...probably because they hide them from us as we tend to play with them a bit much.

At least we're not talking mimes. Proof there's always an upside.

Lubber's Line said...

Steve, I practically like the fence sitter, "isn’t that a metaphor waiting" who feels it's the British Taxpayers obligation to solve all the worlds problems before defending itself.

As far as Marines go, Royal or Jarhead kind, I'd rather have them protecting my backside than said mime. He would probably soil himself at the first sign of trouble.

Thanks for stopping by and your service. –LL