Monday, May 22, 2006

A Little Blog Maintenance

If anyone really noticed I pulled the last post due to the overhead it took to load. I have a fast broadband connection and it took a painfully long time to load at times. It was a cool wave effect you could add to a picture but not worth the load time.

Updated my links to include The Cook Shack to my submariners blogroll.

Updated my link to Chaotic Synpatic Activity to his new site.

On a personal note I started a new job two weeks ago that requires me to travel a bit. I anticipate my blog and news reading to go down and subsequently posting will probably be about once a week at best. Maybe I can make put more effort into the weekly posts than my recent fascination with web video content.

Best - LL


bothenook said...

hey lub.. congrats on the new job. sorry to hear you won't be posting as much, but i do understand the reality of life.
don't forget about us out here in cyberspace.

Xformed said...

Thanks for the update...I'm thinking changing your blog address is worse than your least on your email, you mostly know who links...

Good luck in the new opportunity...

Gus Van Horn said...


A belated congrats on the new job, from a fellow job-switcher!