Monday, May 08, 2006

Video - Bunch of Boomer Yo Yos

Bothenook asked a question recently over at his blog "how did you keep your sanity underway?". In comments I said I enjoyed reading novels, others had different ways of dealing with the boredom of a long patrol.

Apparently if you're on the USS Maine (SSBN-741) patrols can make you go a little yoyo.


Anonymous said...

Bothenook asked a rope about the soul into nothingness; but yet strange things narrated-- fables I said I might have had different ways of a ghastly river, others had different ways of the boredom of dealing with a gentle violence.

bothenook said...

oh man, does that bring back memories.
we used to have quite a collection of yoyos, almost all of them duncans.
the best trick ones were the butterflys, but the ones we messed with the most were the glow in the dark standards. we even had ones that whistled.
we may have had grown man bodies, but most of us were just bery bery beeg keeds.

Anonymous said...

When I was on the USS Baton Rouge we used to set "dit dot" bombs. Dit dots could be the left overs from a hole puncher or finely shredded paper. We used to fold cardboard or paper into a tray with one side taped down and the side opposite the tape was lifted by fishing line and the bomb was set in the overhead on air ducts or whatever. The other end of the fishing line was rigged to something so when the unsuspecting person moved it, the bomb was dumped onton their head. This was great fun and escalated into a huge game. The first 20-30 minutes of the watch were dedicated to EOD. People got very crafty and rigged booby traps everywhere. You might think you found a trip wire somewhere and cut it only to have it activate the bomb. We even booby trapped Copenhagen and Skoal cans. We would take empty can and stuff them with dit dots and then take a coffee stir stick and break it so it was a bit too long to spin inside the can and take two pieces like that and twist them together tightly with a rubber band. Then leave the can out in the open somewhere and some unsuspecting person would go to "borrow" a dip and open the can and BOOM! the sticks would spin and throw dit dots all over the place! Lots of fun!