Friday, March 11, 2005

Canadian press has found Asbestos on Submarines

It appears the Canadian press is raising the alarm that Canada's submarine fleet is infested "lined" with asbestos.

Link "Some Cdn subs lined with asbestos" (Origin heading on 3/10/05)

I for one don't see the fact that asbestos in the engineering spaces on a submarine as any great news. Asbestos has been used in shipbuilding for as long as I can remember. Hell the gasket on my woodstove is asbestos. But it is a hazardous material and the Canadian Navy did have a fire on the HMCS Chicoutimi.

If your interested Bubblehead at "The Stupid Shall be Punished" did some posting on the HMCS Chicoutini fire back in February.

Update 3/11/05: apparently over the evening some in the Press thought the content in the Canadian Press article didn't support the title of "lined with asbestos" and the link above changed the heading. Here's another link with the "lined" line. Adding the words "systems lined" makes a world of difference to the meaning and isn't as misleading.


Chap said...

The Canadian press, especially since the Sea King that broke and couldn't be fixed and then the Chicoutimi fire, have really been on a Hunt For Scandal!--but a lot of the time they just discover things someone with understanding knew all along (like--1960's era ships might have asbestos around hot things).

It's been interesting watching their "watchdogs" yap at the moon...

Lubber's Line said...

Chap, an ironic twist for Canadians is that Canada is one of the largest producers of Asbestos in the World.

I agree a "yap at the moon..." news piece if ever I saw one.