Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How does a Yardbird walk in the snow?

I was cleaning out some old email and ran across something I received thought I would share. Someone had forwarded this email to me. This was an email from one of the engineering departments at Electric Boat to their employees after the big snow in January.

Subject: Danger - Snow and Ice SB 1-26-05
Electric Boat Safety Bulletin
January 26, 2005
Danger! Snow and Ice

The Facilities Department has done a great job clearing snow and ice around the Shipyard. However, with amount of snow that fell during the "blizzard of 05" there will be melting and freezing of snow and ice for the next few weeks. So we need to be extra careful when walking in, out and around the Yard. The best advice is to take the same precautions when you are walking as you do when you are driving over slippery roads:
· Slow down and turn slowly
· Travel over treated walkways ? avoid taking shortcuts over icy or snowy routes
· Keep your weight centered over your feet ? lean slightly forward and take shorter steps.

Please share this message with co-workers and others who may not have access to Lotus Notes.

Now ONLY an engineer, the kind with book sense but no common sense, could write a safety bulletin like that. Too funny! I especially like the "lean slightly forward and take shorter steps" instruction.

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