Friday, March 11, 2005

Trident underway photo

Trident Underway Posted by Hello
Nope, don't know which one.

The truth is I'm just testing the free Hello Bloggerbot photo posting software for blogger.


Bubblehead said...

Ahhhh, that brings back memories.

6 patrols USS Tennessee (Blue)

Lubber's Line said...

Ahhhh yes, memories.

4 patrols USS Simon Bolivar (Gold)

Precomm Unit-USS Alabama (Plankowner)

Bubblehead said...

I'd say it's a Trident on Alpha trials, since it has the DSRV targets painted on the escape trunk hatches...

Lubber's Line said...

Bubblehead, is right it's probably an Alpha trials photo. EB does the same Helicopter photo shot on the Alpha Builder's trails for most boats. I have one just like it for the USS Alabama but in comparing the shots its not the "Bone".