Friday, April 08, 2005

Catfish or Dogfish?

Just an observation but the 3 former Submarine Officers who’s blogs I enjoy reading seem to all be cat people. Bubblehead here, Willyshake here and Chap here all have blogged about their cats.

Now I’m a dog person, and not those little rat dogs you see riding with old ladies, but real dogs the working kind. There’s a photo of my dog Barney a full blooded Chessy who loves the water.

Barney the Chesapeake Bay Retiever.

To have a little fun with the cat dog thing I thought I’d do some comparisons based on those observations. Catfish being those aforementioned former Fast Attack Submarine Officers (my assumptions) and Dogfish being this former enlisted Boomer sailor.

The clever Cats – SSN Characteristics
The hunter that prefers to stalk its prey by stealth.
A small and agile predator
Can be finicky and may choose the more tempting prey over an easy meal.
Independent minded .
Plays with its adversary and enjoys the game of cat and mouse.

The big bad Dogs – SSBN Characteristics
A lone wolf – ever patrolling its territory.
Resolute defender of his home.
Acts on his master’s commands – alert 1, alert1
May seen lethargic until provoked – beware, let sleeping dogs lay.

So I'm interested to see your preference, are you a Dog or Cat person and do you prefer SSNs over SSBNs. Click on the Take My Poll! icon below.

What is the pet and boat preferance?

Trying this poll thing again. Sorry if didn't work for you the first time. I've changed the polling service and it seems to work a lot better. I also turned IP checking off to allow multipule votes from one IP address, just in case your a Florida type voter. You can also add comments to your vote as well.


Bubblehead said...

I'm getting an "invalid poll", so put me down for "cats and SSNs".

drunknsubmrnr said...

I also had an "invalid poll". Put me down for "Pigs and Diesel Boats", although that's rough on the pig.

Lubber's Line said...

Something wrong with the HTML code from the free poll site. It worked the first time I set it up, but has stopped working. I'll try to get it working later today.

Lubber's Line said...

The poll is now open and should be working.

Bubblehead said...

Hey, I like the picture of the tractor in the background. Growing up on the farm, I took abuse from some of the other farmer's kids because we had a John Deere and they had IHs. They used to tell the following joke repeatedly: "Why are John Deeres painted green? So they can hide in the ditch when the Internationals come down the road".