Sunday, May 29, 2005

RI locals stunned by the obvious.

When I heard the news of the possable closing of the New London Sub Base I made the immediate connection to the local RI economy and Electric Boat. Not so with the RI politicians. I seem to recall hearing on the radio that a RI Democrat, sorry I mean still Republican, Senator Lincoln Chaffee as well as other RI politicians were initially saying that the BRAC recommendations were good for RI. Their reasoning at the time was the state would gain about 500 jobs due to realignments from other installations nation wide. I believe they have refined their thinking since that first statement.

Saying RI is a small state is well, an understatement, and much of what happens in CT or MA has a direct impact on this State. Economic impact does not stop at the CT border and many people in southern RI make the 30 to 45 minute commute to work in Groton. Now the premere local business publication The Providence Business News has reported the obvious as well: Groton submarine base closure makes waves in the Ocean state (hat tip: TheSubReport).

The closing of the New London Sub Base would remove one of the incentives the Navy has to award Submarine contracts to Electric Boat. After all where would you keep all the PCU and overhaul crews as well as the Navy's shipyard detachment personnel, a hour plus away in Newport?

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