Sunday, May 08, 2005

Tin-foil Central with Satire

Boy, the submarine blogging community is all over this story about a new conspiracy theory relating to the Kursk sinking. Both WillyShake and Bubblehead have posts up on how the reported French "documentary" voices theories that are tin-foil hat material in Texas 10 gal proportions.

In the spirit of tin-foil hats I decided come up with my own theory on the French “documentary” theory. (Read on only if you know what satire is.)

Satire On...

Headline: French source of anti-American propaganda found.

Tin-foil Central (Webmaster –baiter and IP switcher)

The Lubber's Line investigative service (LL-IS) has discovered the source of much of the anti-American propaganda emanating from France. After months of tracing back IP addresses and Internet service providers, LL-IS has discovered that the majority of this material came from the PC pictured above. The IP trackback was difficult and included the UN’s mainframe, a server hosting CBS news email, a PC in Flint Michigan, a server in Damascus Syria and finally the above workstation in a French Pharmaceutical company outside of Paris.

Emmanuel Lo Botomy is the webmaster and above cube occupant. Mr. Lo Botomy works for a French company that manufactures psychotropic drugs for the socialized medicine market.

Emmanuel confessed that he held a grudge against Americans ever sense he was fired from his Euro-Disney job back in 1998. During this reporter’s interview with Mr. Lo Botomy he constantly referred to the two adjacent co-workers as Lilo and Stitch. The one identified as Stitch said Emmanuel had not been well ever since he spilled espresso on his keyboard and a blinding blue flash had followed.

Emmanuel also commented that Stitch's mothership resembles a submarine.

Satire Off…..

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Emmanuel Lo Botomy...LMAO!