Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Volunteer for the Soviet Submarine Service!!!

Ok ok, I know Comrades the Soviet Navy is now the Russia Navy but, you can still volunteer to work on a Soviet 1960’s era submarine.

The Juliett 484 (K-77) in Providence, RI is looking for volunteers to help restore and maintain this Cold War relic. Former and current submariners are particularly valuable as volunteers but anyone with an interest in helping is welcome. Maintenance includes tracing out systems, restoring paint to original colors, wiring indicators panels, general cleaning, etc. We’re even looking for knuckle dragging TMs to restore a torpedo in the after torpedo room, I think the warhead was previously removed!?

Ric Hedman who helped restore the Soviet Foxtrot submarine named “Cobra” is currently the manager of the Juliett's restoration. Ric is a fellow submariner (USS Flasher SSN613 Plankowner) and former USSVI Seattle Base commander. The Saratoga Museum Foundation has Ric aboard initially for the three month summer season.

Curious about what a ruskie sub looks like up close and personal here’s a little taste:

Topside View from the pier.
Forward part of the sail you can see the missile telemetry radar. The deck is covered with rubber sound dampening tiles.

Stern View forward standing on the aft escape trunk.
Aft set of two SS-N-3 Shaddock or SS-N-12 Sandbox missile tubs are visable. Another set is foward of the sail.

Looking forward into the Torpedo room from Officer Country.

Part of the Missile Fire Control system (Missile Guidance)

Ships Control Station.

Sonar? (One single ping if you please comrade.)

Radar? (Range and bearing to the P-3 Orion )

So, Comrade Jim (AKA Lubber’s Line) has volunteered to trek to the northern port of Providence, RI each weekend to help restore the Soviet Project 651 vintage 1960’s cruise missile diesel submarine. I have to admit this is going to be a field day from HELL if ever I saw one. The ballast tanks leak, there's paint where there shouldn't be any or it is the wrong color, rust rust and more rust. This is one boat load of work so it 's got to be rewarding. Anyway how many cold war era bubbleheads can say they worked on a Soviet missile boat?

If your interested in volunteering as well then go to this link that has the contact information or you can contact me via email.


WillyShake said...

You make a good sell--I'd honestly be tempted if I had the time and means to get there.

Great post & pics. Thanks.

Yankee Sailor said...

The Soviets were (as the Russians probably are) notorious for painting things they shouldn't. For instance, I got to visit two Soviet ships in the early '90s in Mayport, the Marshal Ustinov and the Slava, and the shoring timbers for damage control were painted in place it was so thick.

CDR Salamander said...

Speaking of P-3s:

Anonymous said...

Was this the submarine that was in St. Petersburg, FL? Then was used for the filming of K-19?

Lubber's Line said...

Yes, it is the same sub that was used for the movie K-19. The Saratoga Foundation acquired the Juliett 484 after the movie company was finished with production and moved it to the Port of Providence where it is now a museum.