Monday, August 01, 2005

Microsoft has a Navy now??

No, But Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has $200 million private yacht in construction that sounds like a Navy ship. In a CNN/Money piece "Superyachts of the CEOs" Allen's yacht is described as such:

Imagine yourself cruising the high seas in a lavish, super-secret ocean-faring vessel complete with a remote controlled undersea rover, a 12-man submersible and a personal crew of 60, including several former Navy Seals and a recording studio.

First off I didn't know Navy Seals could sing, unless they were really drunk, nevermind be good enough to record!!! Paul Allen's 416-foot boat named Octopus has some other nice warship like features including:

  • Garage with a 4x4 vehicle (maybe a Hummer, up-armored of course)
  • Transport craft to take the 4X4 to the beach (amphibious I'm guessing)
  • Two helicopter pads (no waiting for the flight back to headquarters)
  • Under hull docked 12 man submersible (stealth is key for the super rich)
  • Staff of former Navy Seals (for the south asian software pirates I presume)

Not to be outdone Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle has a larger 452-foot superyacht named Rising Sun also in construction.

I guess this is what you buy when the money flows like water into your bank account. Not to complain or anything but, I'd be happy with just one of their old leaky sub accounts and a used Boston Whaler......

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