Monday, August 08, 2005

My Russian Watch is Broken

About a year and a half ago, I purchased a Russian Submariner's watch over the internet. Sometime after I started wearing it I showed it to Vika a programmer originally from Russia who works for the same company as I do. She had two comments; the first was "You bought Russian watch?", with a look on her face of disbelief, followed by "Don't get it wet". I also found out that what was advertised as a self-winding watch meant you wind it yourself (Must have been a translation problem).

Hey, I thought it looked cool anyway and I needed a watch at the time. Live and learn, the watch's winding stem fell off two months ago. I've changed country and service branch since, my new watch is a Swiss Army.

Therefore, when I saw this headline "Navy team given Russian wristwatches for sub rescue" (Hat tip: TheSubReport) My first thought was, I hope they get something of better quality, followed by Vika's recommendation "Don't get it wet" which I'm thinking could also apply to the current state of the Russian Navy.


bothenook said...

funny. got one just like it. may have to scan it, just for the laugh. the thing does have kind of a cool back on it.

don said...

I have a Russian Submariner watch I bought in Berlin in 1992 for about $26. Looks a lot
like the one in the photo. Still runs good and is definifely waterproof. It's a treasured souvenir.